Huling Halik

Verdict: Avoid at all Costs

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 1.17 (3 ratings)

Genre: Pink Film, Drama

Writer/Director: Zig Dulay

Cast: Kenjie Garcia, Joeffrey Javier, Jayjay Jimenez, Imaculee Madrigal, Patrick Esteban, Jed Medrano, Marc Jacob

Synopsis: In the midst of celebrating flowers in bloom in Panagbenga Flower Festival, JM (Kenjie Garcia) and ILI (Joeffrey Javier) try to rekindle their withering relationship. On their last day together in Baguio, they plan to do the things they used to do in the past. But everything feels different for JM. Like the fog in the city of mountains, their plans fade away. And just like how the city transformed, everything has changed. JM has to accept the transience in everything, including their relationship, and nothing stays forever.

Running time: 82 mins.



1.0         Philbert Dy (Click the City)

Huling Halik has a decent enough premise, but as with many indies, the problem lies in the execution. It all feels haphazard, as if little of it was planned, leading to scenes that add nothing to the overall narrative, and all sorts of production difficulties.” (Read full review)


1.5          Jay-r Trinidad (Cinephiles)

“Babae man o lalaki ang kinatatayuan nung the other person, ganun pa din ang takbo ng storya. Pinilit ipakita ang kagandahan ng Baguio, pero parang hindi niya nakuha ang gusto niyang ipakita, nauwi lang sa sandamakmak na pwet scene.”

1.0          Johnny Jepp (Cinephiles)

“I got bored. Nakatulog ako.”

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