Wanted: Male Boarders

Verdict: Do Something Else

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 1.25 (2 ratings)

Genre: Pink Film, Drama

Writer/Director: Crisaldo Pablo

Cast: Jakko Jacinto, Joeffrey Javier, Chamyto Aguedan, Francis Sienes, Rusty Adonis, Joshua Domingo, Brix Jimenez

Synopsis: Alvin has just arrived in the big city. He lucks out and finds a small boarding house with an incredibly affordable rate. But he’s quickly scandalized by the other boarders’ cavalier attitudes about sex and masturbation. He’s horrified by his new roommates’ near constant nudity and penchant for all sorts of lewd activity. At first he tries to leave, but he soon grows to appreciate the kindness and openness of the people around him. And soon enough, with the help of some sort of herbal supplement, he joins in the fun. (From Philbert Dy’s review)

Running time: 70 mins.



1.5          Cathy Peña (Make Me Blush)

“Here, Pablo lazily utilizes the same music we’ve heard a million times from his other clunkers. Moreover, you find his actors stop in mid-sentence, flustered and dazed, as they wait for Pablo (or his assistants) to feed them with their lines.” (Read full review)

1.0          Philbert Dy (Click the City)

“Now, it’s an endless parade of genitals, with the technical merits of a dog with a camera on its head. It’s terribly disappointing, because I always want to give every film the benefit of the doubt. But they make that more difficult with every throwaway film that makes it into cinemas.” (Read full review)


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