Our History

The Society of Filipino Film Reviewers (SFFR) was created in 2021 to promote film education, preservation, criticism, and exhibition of Philippine cinema. The group is composed of regular reviewers of Philippine cinema.

It started out as Pinoy Rebyu in 2011, aggregating reviews of local films and coming up with annual polls of the best Filipino films. It aims to encourage continuing dialogue among local industry practitioners, enthusiasts of Philippine cinema, and the viewing public.

It’s Founding President is Mr. Skilty Labastilla, a member of the Young Critics Circle and Instructor at the Ateneo de Manila University.

The Officers for 2022 are:

President: Ronald Cruz
Vice President: Skilty Labastilla
Secretary: Leo Baltar
Treasurer: Manuel Pangaruy, Jr.
Press Relations Officer: Princess Kinoc

Contact us at pinoyrebyu@gmail.com

“Why do I have high hopes for (SFFR)? Most of the members, if not all, belong to this new generation, younger population cohorts – a few of the younger Gen X, majority are of Gen Y or millennials, probably 2 or 3 from Gen Z or zoomer age – therefore, they speak the language of those savvy of the new media, they should represent the new voices, could give us fresh insight and new interpretation of cinema.”

Mauro Feria Tumbocon, Jr., renowned Filipino film critic and programmer

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