AlalalaVerdict: Proceed with Caution

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 2.75 (2 ratings)

Genre: Drama

Director: Ato Bautista

Writers: Shugo Praico, Ato Bautista

Cast: Akihiro Blanco, Mocha Uson, Issa Litton, Mon Confiado, Lance Raymundo, Ria Garcia, Pio Balbuena

Synopsis: A coming-of-age love story about a young man’s first encounter with love, romance, and heartbreak, told in bits and pieces of poetic and melancholic memories that began on one rainy night.





3.5          Renelson Morelos (Reel Thoughts)

“In the hands of a lesser director, this May-December affair could have turned into another sappy and formulaic story. But in Ato’s hands, the not-so-uncommon scenario achieves some kind of elegance and grandness.” (Read full review)

2.0          Philbert Dy (Click the City)

“It’s a story of teenage infatuation played at a melancholy pitch, with overly dramatic narration sketching out a tragedy that isn’t really there.” (Read full review)