Bamboo Flowers

Verdict: Proceed with Caution Pinoy Rebyu Score: 2.67 (3 ratings) Genre: Drama Director: Maryo J. delos Reyes Writer: Aloy Adlawan Cast: Ruru Madrid, Max Collins, Orland Sol, Mylene Dizon, Yogo Singh, Irma Adlawan, Spanky Manikan, Miggs Cuaderno Synopsis: Tour guide Berta (Irma Adlawan) is having a tough time making ends meet. She’s forced to let her son Omel (Ruru Madrid) travel … Continue reading Bamboo Flowers


Verdict: Value for Money Pinoy Rebyu Score: 3.94 (8 ratings) Genre: Drama Directors: Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes Writer: Wanggo Gallaga Cast: Cherie Gil, Carlo Jalandoni, Chart Motus, Joshua Pineda, Richard Gomez Synopsis: The film concerns Regina Cadena (Cherie Gil), a former opera diva who fell into a deep funk following the loss of her voice and the subsequent collapse of … Continue reading Sonata


Verdict: Value for Money Pinoy Rebyu Score: 3.12 (8 ratings) Genre: Drama Director: Elwood Perez Writers: Vincent Tañada, Elwood Perez Cast: Vince Tañada, Monique Azerreda, Anita Linda, Jun Urbano, Vangie Labalan, Gabby Bautista, Mark Joseph Garde Synopsis: The opening voiceover informs us that Lex (Vince Tañada) is returning to the Philippines from Los Angeles, where things didn’t go exactly as planned. … Continue reading Otso