K’na the Dreamweaver

Verdict: Value for Money Pinoy Rebyu Score: 3.06 (16 ratings) Genre: Drama Writer/Director: Ida Anita del Mundo Cast: Mara Lopez, RK Bagatsing, Alex Vincent Medina, Nonie Buencamino, Bembol Roco, Erlinda Villalobos Synopsis: When K'na, a young T'boli woman, becomes a dreamweaver, she has the chance to weave together her village's warring clans. But, will she give up true love to do … Continue reading K’na the Dreamweaver


Verdict: Essential Viewing Pinoy Rebyu Score: 4.50 (11 ratings) Genre: Drama Writer/Director: Alvin Yapan Cast: Paulo Avelino, Mara Lopez, Ramona Rañeses, Roy B. Dominguiano Synopsis: Mando, a Bikolano devotee of Ina, Virgin of Peñafrancia, Patroness of Bikolandia, injures himself in the middle of the forest at the foot of the Mayon Volcano. He will be nursed back to health … Continue reading Debosyon


Verdict: Proceed with Caution Pinoy Rebyu Score: 2.21 (7 ratings) Genre: Drama Director: Ato Bautista Writers: Shugo Praico, Ato Bautista Cast: Mara Lopez, Mon Confiado, Alex Vincent Medina Synopsis: Nestor (Alex Medina) works at an electronics shop owned by the unscrupulous Ramiro (Mon Confiado). He owes his boss a substantial amount of money. His wife Luisa thinks that they should just run … Continue reading Palitan