Verdict: Avoid at All Costs Pinoy Rebyu Score: 1.00 (2 ratings) Genre: Pink Film Writer/Director: Edz Espiritu Cast: Arkey Muñoz, Jeremy Ian, Lance Lopez, Adriana Gomez, Mikho Madrid, Joben Bello Synopsis: Arkey (Arkey Muñoz) is a painter. He has a new client, and he needs to look for a male model willing to pose nude for a portrait. He … Continue reading Hubo


Verdict: Do Something Else Pinoy Rebyu Score: 1.25 (2 ratings) Genre: Pink Film, Drama Writer/Director: Jonison Fontanos Cast: Zac Ferrero, Darwin Taylo, Joben Bello, Lando Perez Synopsis: Jake (Zac Ferrero) has traveled to Baguio City, auditioning for a local reality show, hoping to become a big star. He's staying at a small boarding house, and … Continue reading Ombre