Best Performances of the Decade So Far (Nos. 80-61)

Jess Mendoza, The Natural Phenomenon of Madness (2011) Character: Unnamed, a young man forced to reckon with the consequences of a past crime he committed How can you make viewers interested in a rapist character? First you ensure that the character is multidimensional enough to warrant attention, and then you cast an actor sensitive enough … Continue reading Best Performances of the Decade So Far (Nos. 80-61)

Di Ingon Nato

Verdict: Proceed with Caution Pinoy Rebyu Score: 2.50 (9 ratings) Genre: Drama, Horror Writers/Directors: Ivan Zaldarriaga, Brandon Relucio Cast: Franco Reyes, Mercedes Cabral, Rez Cortez, Donna Gimeno Synopsis: Di Ingon Nato (Not Like Us) is the story of far–flung villagers in a Cebu boondock and how they respond to a zombie infestation. Armed with their … Continue reading Di Ingon Nato