Best Performances of the Decade So Far (Nos. 60-41)

Chynna Ortaleza, #Y (2014) Character: Abbie, a frazzled suicide hotline operator who is befriended by her caller Ortaleza’s amiable turn as a hotline operator who goes out of her way to reach out to a troubled teen is a collective wish-fulfillment for our longing for genuine connection in an age of normalized fleeting, often hollow, … Continue reading Best Performances of the Decade So Far (Nos. 60-41)

K’na the Dreamweaver

Verdict: Value for Money Pinoy Rebyu Score: 3.06 (16 ratings) Genre: Drama Writer/Director: Ida Anita del Mundo Cast: Mara Lopez, RK Bagatsing, Alex Vincent Medina, Nonie Buencamino, Bembol Roco, Erlinda Villalobos Synopsis: When K'na, a young T'boli woman, becomes a dreamweaver, she has the chance to weave together her village's warring clans. But, will she give up true love to do … Continue reading K’na the Dreamweaver


Verdict: Proceed with Caution Pinoy Rebyu Score: 2.21 (7 ratings) Genre: Drama Director: Ato Bautista Writers: Shugo Praico, Ato Bautista Cast: Mara Lopez, Mon Confiado, Alex Vincent Medina Synopsis: Nestor (Alex Medina) works at an electronics shop owned by the unscrupulous Ramiro (Mon Confiado). He owes his boss a substantial amount of money. His wife Luisa thinks that they should just run … Continue reading Palitan


Verdict: Essential Viewing Pinoy Rebyu Score: 4.00 (9 ratings) Genre: Drama Writer/Director: Pam Miras Cast: Maria Veronica Santiago, Alex Vincent Medina, Peewee O'Hara, Cara Eriguel, Ian Galliguez, Danzen Santos, Marija Vicente Synopsis: After a series of unpleasant events in her life, Pascalina receives news that her Aunt Taba is dying but cannot do so unless she passes on a … Continue reading Pascalina


Verdict: Proceed with Caution Pinoy Rebyu Score: 2.86 (9 ratings) Genre: Drama, Historical Director: Richard Somes Writer: Jimmy Flores Cast: Alfred Vargas, Mon Confiado, Nicco Manalo, Alex Vincent Medina, Ermie Concepcion, Nica Nava Synopsis: The movie begins in 1882,with the death of Andres Bonifacio's wife, and his awakening to the injustices being perpetrated by the Spanish. It then skips ahead to 1896, … Continue reading Supremo

Balang Araw

Verdict: Proceed with Caution Pinoy Rebyu Score: 2.75 (4 ratings) Genre: Drama Writers/Directors: Archie Dimaculangan, Franne Cheska Ramos and Jose Antonio de Rivera Cast: Jao Mapa, Aleera Montalla, Carlo Cruz, Shielbert Manuel, Alex Vincent Medina, Tarhata Rico, Juan Miguel Severo Synopsis: The lives of a taxi driver, a working student, an expectant mother, a call center agent and a petty … Continue reading Balang Araw