Pinoy Rebyu 2015 Poll


1 – Honor Thy Father (131 points)


2 – Apocalypse Child (117 points)


3 – Anino sa Likod ng Buwan (105.5 points)

anino bw

4 – Heneral Luna (102 points)


5 – Imbisibol (88 points)


6 – An Kubo sa Kawayanan (77.5 points)


7 – Manang Biring (72 points)


8 – Dayang Asu (54 points)

Dayang Asu still

9 – Bambanti (53 points)


10 – Ari: My Life with a King (48.5 points)


11 – Sleepless (47 points)

12 – Ruined Heart (45 points)

13 – Balikbayan #1 (41.5 points)

14 – Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo (36 points)

15 – Taklub (35 points)

16 – Baka Siguro Yata (28 points)

17 – Da Dog Show (25.5 points)

18 – Miss Bulalacao (24 points)

19 – Above the Clouds (23 points)

20 – Matangtubig (22 points)


















MAYK ALEGRE (Cinemaddict)

  1. Anino sa Likod ng Buwan
  2. Iisa 
  3. Apocalypse Child
  4. Heneral Luna
  5. Manang Biring
  6. Imbisibol
  7. Matangtubig
  8. Above The Clouds
  9. An Kubo sa Kawayanan
  10. Esoterika: Maynila


EDUARDO DAYAO (Piling Piling Pelikula)

  1. Ruined Heart
  2. Apocalypse Child
  3. Honor Thy Father
  4. Dayang Asu
  5. Salvage
  6. Matangtubig
  7. Kapatiran
  8. Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan


ARMANDO DELA CRUZ (Film Police Reviews)

  1. AN KUBO SA KAWAYANAN. Alvin Yapan’s assured, impassioned invitation to look at the grander scheme of things is transformative. He conceives a world in which stones, bamboo trees, and flowers aren’t just specks that add to one’s humanity.
  1. MANANG BIRING. The cab ride home in Manang Biring is emotionally destabilizing. It’s a deceptively innocuous scene where a cancer patient prepares for Christmas. The irony is there’s no certainty if she’s going to live through the holiday. Watching that scene unfold is walking on shards of glass. The only consolation I can think of is Timmy Harn as the cab driver.
  1. ANINO SA LIKOD NG BUWAN. Jun Lana’s compelling, one-continuous-shot exercise finds a woman in the throes, torn between the military and the rebels.
  1. SLEEPLESS. Prime Cruz’s Sleepless is less about sleep deprivation and ruined body clocks, and more about human connection.
  1. HONOR THY FATHER. A wholly different Matti. Austere, gorgeous, and wistful, Honor Thy Father is an enabling piece of cinema for both its filmmakers and its audience. We all win in this story everyone loses.
  1. HENERAL LUNA. Jerrold Tarog’s latest is a refinement of his skill as a filmmaker, a confirmation that he’s an artist of rhythm, a close spiritual cousin to both Fred Astaire and E.B. White who in dance and in literature–as he does in film–live in finding the right beats.
  1. RUINED HEART: ANOTHER LOVE STORY BETWEEN A CRIMINAL AND A WHORE. Here’s one good way to consume Khavn’s new film: let the soundtrack move you. At this point I’m convinced that the film is a musical, a transporting one at that.
  1. SALVAGE. A hypnotic look at rural horror, melding the faux and the vérité of found footage.
  1. DAYANG ASU. Bor Ocampo’s Kapampangan thriller is paralyzing in parts and damaging in the whole. The matter-of-fact storytelling make an unearthly panorama of crime, violence, and revenge.
  1. APOCALYPSE CHILD. A touching story of escape, of drifting through, of riding the waves. Sid Lucero and Annicka Dolonius in key performances.


JAMES ESPINOZA (Film Police Reviews)

  1. Anino sa Likod ng Buwan
  2. Kapatiran
  3. Apocalypse Child
  4. Heneral Luna
  5. Ruined Heart
  6. Honor Thy Father
  7. Manang Biring
  8. Above the Clouds
  9. Dahling Nick
  10. Water Lemon


JONELL ESTILLORE (Cinema Bravo) View article

  1. Anino sa Likod ng Buwan

Suffocating with its brilliant storytelling, it moves like an inventive poem with cadence that can easily be followed. There is just an overflow of mastery exuded by its actors that makes Anino sa Likod ng Buwan memorable as it is vehement and erratic from within.

  1. An Kubo sa Kawayanan

A meditative love letter to the beauty of silence, An Kubo sa Kawayanan observes the smallest objects with passion and meekness.

  1. Manang Biring

Mesmerizing to pieces as it pierces, cuts deep, reflects into the reality its animated world has created.

  1. Above the Clouds

Breathtaking as it provides enough space and time to take on a decisive journey to contemplate on our very own clouds.

  1. Apocalypse Child

Powerful, focused and winsome throughout with its troubled characters that know their stories by heart.

  1. Miss Bulalacao

Uniquely beautiful from the inside out as it owns its world. Striking filmmaking that deserves attention.

  1. Matangtubig

Visually poetic and aurally uncanny. A gem in horror in which fright remains mystified as if it has no end.

  1. Bambanti

A solid look at a small town story that fires like the tip of a dynamite waiting to explode.

  1. Iisa

Uncanny with a modest foundation on the issues tackled, Iisa knows exactly what to do with itself as a gloomy reflection of an aftermath.

  1. Heneral Luna

Bizarre and humorous as it may seem, Heneral Luna is not afraid to tell its comprehensive research amplified by the skillful hands of its visuals, direction, editing and musical scoring.


RICKY GALLARDO (Business Mirror)

  1. Apocalypse Child
  2. Dayang Asu
  3. An Kubo sa Kawayanan
  4. Anino sa Likod ng Buwan
  5. Honor Thy Father
  6. Waterlemon
  7. Ms Bulalacao
  8. Imbisibol
  9. Heneral Luna
  10. Taklub


EMIL HOFILEÑA (Cinemil Writes)

  1. Honor Thy Father
  2. Heneral Luna
  3. Ari: My Life with a King
  4. A Second Chance
  5. Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa
  6. Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon
  7. Taklub
  8. The Breakup Playlist


KAYO JOLONGBAYAN (Film Police Reviews)

  1. Anino sa Likod ng Buwan
  2. An Kubo sa Kawayanan
  3. Matangtubig
  4. Pusong Wazak
  5. Heneral Luna
  6. Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo
  7. Dahling Nick
  8. Dayang Asu
  9. Above the Clouds
  10. Kapatiran


SKILTY LABASTILLA (Pinoy Rebyu) View article

  1. Apocalypse Child
  2. Balikbayan #1
  3. Ari: My Life with a King
  4. Honor Thy Father
  5. Sleepless
  6. Bambanti
  7. Waves
  8. Heneral Luna
  9. Imbisibol
  10. Manang Biring


LYNDON MABURAOT (Table Stretcher) View article

  1. Taklub
  2. Imbisibol
  3. An Kubo sa Kawayanan
  4. Dayang Asu
  5. Sleepless
  6. Balut Country
  7. Baka Siguro Yata
  8. Apocalypse Child
  9. Water Lemon
  10. The Breakup Playlist


MACKY MACARAYAN (Death of Traditional Cinema)

  1. HONOR THY FATHER (Erik Matti)
  3. HENERAL LUNA (Jerrold Tarog)
  4. DAYANG ASU (Bor Ocampo)
  5. PUSONG WAZAK (Khavn Dela Cruz)
  6. APOCALYPSE CHILD (Mario Cornejo, Monster Jimenez)
  8. BAMBANTI (Zig Dulay)
  9. AN KUBO SA KAWAYANAN (Alvin Yapan)
  10. TOTO (John Paul Su)


RENELSON MORELOS (Ramblings of a Film Urchin)

I may not have seen all or most of the Filipino films shown in 2015, but those that I managed to see I can proudly say that I really liked – or even loved. These works by our own directors I consider to be approaching what an art film is. Or said in another way, these works have managed to display a sincere and loving dedication to the art of filmmaking.

  1. Imbisibol 
  2. Heneral Luna
  3. Honor Thy Father
  4. Ari: My Life with a King
  5. Bambanti
  6. Balut Country
  7. #Walang Forever
  8. Swap
  9. Tandem
  10. Ibong Adarna: The Pinoy Adventure



  1. Heneral Luna
  2. Honor Thy Father

*The rest are in no particular order:

An Kubo sa Kawayanan
Manang Biring
I Love You. Thank You.Da Dog Show


MANUEL PANGARUY (Tagailog Special Presents) View article

  1. Imbisibol
  2. Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon
  3. Honor Thy Father
  4. Ari
  5. Apocalypse Child
  6. Ruined Heart
  7. Waves
  8. Heneral Luna
  9. Dayang Asu
  10. Water Lemon


CATHY PEÑA (Make Me Blush) View article

  1. Erik Matti’s “Honor Thy Father”
  2. Brillante Mendoza’s “Taklub”
  3. Joel Ferrer’s “Baka Siguro Yata”
  4. Ara Chawdhury’s “Miss Bulalacao”
  5. Ralston Jover’s Da Dog Show
  6. Jerrold Tarog’s “Heneral Luna”
  7. Lawrence Fajardo’s “Imbisibol”
  8. Carl Joseph Papa’s “Manang Biring”
  9. Alvin Yapan’”An Kubo sa Kawayanan”
  10. Jun Lana’s “Anino sa Likod ng Buwan”


NICO QUEJANO (Cinephiles!)

  1. Balikbayan No. 1
  2. Apocalypse Child
  3. Imbisibol
  4. Sleepless
  5. Manang Biring
  6. Kid Kulafu
  7. Dayang Asu
  8. Hamog
  9. Honor Thy Father
  10. Salvage


BERNARD SANTOS (My Movie World) View article

  1. Apocalypse Child
  2. Sleepless
  3. Bambanti
  4. Anino Sa Likod ng Buwan
  5. An Kubo Sa Kawayanan
  6. Honor Thy Father
  7. Above The Clouds
  8. Dayang Asu
  9. The Breakup Playlist
  10. A Second Chance


NAZAMEL TABARES (Movies in the Philippines) View article

  1. Anino Sa Likod ng Buwan (Shadow Behind The Moon)
  2. Bambanti
  3. An Kubo Sa Kawayanan
  4. Apocalypse Child
  5. Manang Biring
  6. Heneral Luna
  7. Above The Clouds
  8. Miss Bulalacao
  9. Matangtubig
  10. Honor Thy Father


JOHN TAWASIL (Present Confusion) View article

  1. Imbisibol
  2. Manang Biring
  3. Bambanti
  4. Heneral Luna
  5. Baka Siguro Yata
  6. Apocalypse Child
  7. Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo
  8. Ari: My Life With a King
  9. Honor thy Father
  10. That Thing Called Tadhana


EMIL NOR URAO (The Movie Bud)

  1. Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo
  2. Ruined Heart
  3. Anino sa Likod ng Buwan
  4. Bambanti
  5. Honor Thy Father
  6. The Breakup Playlist
  7. An Kubo sa Kawayanan
  8. Baka Siguro Yata
  9. Heneral Luna
  10. Dahling Nick


TRISTAN ZINAMPAN (Film Police Reviews)

  1. Anino sa Likod ng Buwan
  2. Honor Thy Father
    “For me, the best way to describe the viewing experience of Honor Thy Father is like when I once stared at a painting of a sad bride. It’s introspective. It first overwhelms you with beauty and the feeling that it is special, larger than what it is, an occasion of grandeur. But peel those layers off and what you’ll find is something sad starring back at you — heavy emotions wrought with despair, an animal desperate and trapped in its four corners. That, in a way, also sort of echoes this movie’s placement this holiday season. It’s a beautiful gift that signifies the rebirth of quality for the MMFF, for that I’m very happy, but at the same time it will leave you haunted, depressed, and contemplative on the nature of man and society.”
  1. Apocalypse Child
    “Apocalypse Child, all in all, is a testament of the old adage that simplicity is beauty. In its laid-back, stripped-down approach in storytelling, it is powerfully evocative. You don’t just only feel the characters’ yearning to escape, you do so along with them.”
  1. Manang Biring
  2. Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo
  3. Dahling Nick
  4. Salvage
  5. Baka Siguro Yata
    “Overall, with its pitch-perfect comedic timing, the natural charm emanating from its cast, and just that heart in its direction, Baka Siguro Yata is definitely one of the more enjoyable entries in this year’s Cinema One Originals Festival. Its witty, charming, and though, again, its stories may not be anything new, it does more than enough to guarantee you smiling (and even singing ♪ ♫ ♬ it is my dying wiiiish, to fulfill your wiiiish ♪ ♫ ♬) by the time the credits roll.”
  1. Heneral Luna
    “Amidst pacing problems, Heneral Luna manages to tell a compelling story – allegorical and timely to present day – supported by a fantastic script, an impassioned score, and inspired cinematography.”


Other lists included in the tally:

RITO ASILO (Philippine Daily Inquirer) View article

  1. Ralston Jover’s “Da Dog Show”
  2. Brillante Mendoza’s “Taklub”
  3. Mihk Vergara’s “Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo”
  4. Lawrence Fajardo’s “Imbisibol”
  5. Erik Matti’s “Honor Thy Father”
  6. Joel Ferrer’s “Baka Siguro Yata”
  7. Carl Joseph Papa’s “Manang Biring”
  8. Ara Chawdhury’s “Miss Bulalacao”
  9. Jerrold Tarog’s “Heneral Luna”
  10. Lem Lorca’s “Water Lemon”


RICHARD BOLISAY (Lilok Pelikula) View article

  1. Imbisibol
  2. Sleepless
  3. Ari: My Life with a King
  4. Apocalypse Child
  5. Honor Thy Father
  6. Heneral Luna
  7. Dayang Asu
  8. Water Lemon
  9. Manang Biring
  10. Salvage


OGGS CRUZ (Rappler) View article

  1. Balikbayan #1: Memories of Overdevelopment Redux III
  2. Honor Thy Father
  3. Salvage
  4. Dayang Asu
  5. Imbisibol
  6. Kapatiran
  7. Apocalypse Child
  8. Manang Biring
  9. Sleepless
  10. Ari: My Life with a King


PHILBERT DY (Click the City) View article

  1. Balikbayan #1
  2. Honor Thy Father
  3. Heneral Luna
  4. Apocalypse Child
  5. Ari: My Life with a King
  6. Miss Bulalacao


Dayang Asu
Manang Biring


NONOY LAUZON ( View article

Anino sa Likod ng Buwan
Ari: My Life with a King
Balikbayan #1
Buy Now, Die Later
Da Dog Show
I Love You, Thank You
An Kubo sa Kawayanan
Mga Rebeldeng May Kaso
Para sa Hopeless Romantic



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