Walang KaParis

Score: 3.07
15 Ratings

Genre: Drama, Romance

Synopsis: Jojo, a Filipino artist had many lovers and heart is held captive by a woman with no name and no history. One day, a woman named Marie, walks up to Jojo and claims to be the subject of his paintings for years

Director & Writer: Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Cast: Alessandra De Rossi, Empoy Marquez, Dolly De Leon

Trailer from Prime Video Philippines YouTube


  • “Finally a good movie in 2023. Loving, touching, and moving. #Alempoy tandem is perfect match for this film.
    – Bernard SantosMy Movie World (5/5)

  • “The work of cinematographer Boy Yniguez was exceptional, as he captured several beautiful and iconic locations of Paris in various innovative angles. Rey Valera’s “Walang Kapalit” as the recurring theme song helped achieve emotional connection. De Rossi was effortless in portraying the depth of Marie’s love. With hardly any humor as crutch, Marquez had to dig deep inside himself to portray Jojo’s troubled psyche with impressive restraint.” (Read more)
    – Fred HawsonFred Said (3.5/5)

  • “Overall, Walang KaParis tops their previous outing. It’s not something extraordinary, but it does succeed in doing what it’s supposed to. A romantic comedy set overseas that doesn’t overly rely on the location and a tired official soundtrack. That’s a win.” (Read more)
    Ram delos Santos, Philikula (3/5)

  • “A rehash (retread, if you will) of Kita Kita that works because of the effective use of time and place (and puns) as structure. Which is only fitting as the film is about retreading the same story over and over again until they find that perfect ending. The creepy stalky vibes that sank Kita Kita is still present in Walang KaParis albeit substantially less.”
    – James Espinoza (3/5)

  • “Following the same structure of her hit Alempoy romcom flick Kita Kita, Sigrid Andrea Bernardo just knows how to create the saddest, the sweetest and the most intimate love stories between two simple and real human beings. Plus pts for featuring Kidlat Tahimik’s Ili-likha.”
    Jay Lacanilao (3/5)

  • “Jojo, a Filipino artist in Paris who has had many lovers, but constantly finds himself desperate to fill the chasm in his life occupied by the mysterious muse of his paintings. For years, his heart is held captive by a woman with no name and no history. Like a compass, Jojo looks for her in every girl he meets, hoping she will be “the one.” One day, a woman named Marie, walks up to Jojo and claims to be the subject of his paintings.”
    – Jun Mendoza (3/5)

  • “In Walang Kaparis, time, memory, and destiny are what kept, challenged, and forwarded the love story of Jojo (Empoy Marquez) and Mary (Alessandra De Rossi). Director Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo already memorized how to translate the charm of Alempoy and further equip the kilig by putting them as the only lovers in the frame featuring the picturesque view of Paris and Baguio City.” (Read more)
    Roy Narra (3/5)

  • “Sigrid Andrea Bernardo captures Paris and Baguio through Mary and Joseph, and how they love one another through places, moments, and time together. Much can be said with the trope in a romantic setting of falling in love at different times, but Walang KaParis is brought to life from a place of inspiration and warmth.” (Read more)
    Ralph Regis (3/5)

  • “Though commanded by Alessandra de Rossi’s vulnerable performance, Walang Kaparis is a TV episode stretched to full-length. Filled with (entertaining, but still…) seeming adlibs and unnecessary voice-overs, it safely avoids introducing would-be important supporting characters (the French friend and the unmissable Dolly de Leon) which would have easily elevated the film. ” (Read more)
    – Vinson Gabato (2.5/5)

  • “Failed to make me root for and feel invested in these two characters because everything else feels off. A disappointing bore.” (Read more)
    Jayson Laniba, Film Circle Reject (2/5)


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