John Denver Trending tops 2019 film poll, actor Jansen Magpusao named best lead performer

John Denver Trending, the debut film of Arden Rod Condez about a rural teenage boy whose video attacking a classmate goes viral, tops the 9th Annual Pinoy Rebyu poll of the best in Philippine cinema in 2019, with 42 poll participants submitting ballots in 14 categories. The film was an entry to Cinemalaya 2019, where it was named Best Picture.

The films lead actor, Jansen Magpusao, topped the Best Lead Performance category, narrowly edging Kalel, 15‘s Elijah Canlas. John Denver Trending also topped the Best Screenplay (Condez) and Best First Feature categories.

Another debuting filmmaker, Glenn Barit, was named Best Director for Cleaners, which also bagged Best Editing (Che Tagyamon and Noah Loyola) and Best Scene (for the cathartic ending).

Ricky Davao was named Best Supporting Performer for his turn as a small-town mayor with a boy toy in Fuccbois, while the cast of Sila-Sila topped Best Ensemble Performance.

Kalel, 15 was named Best Cinematography for the monochrome lensing of Carlo Mendoza, while LSS was named Best Original Score / Soundtrack (Ben & Ben for the songs and Pat Lasaten for the score).

Jet Leyco’s For My Alien Friend, which screened in QCinema, was named Best Documentary while Don Senoc’s Sa Among Agwat, which screened in Cinemalaya, topped the Best Short Film category.

For the third year running, QCinema is voted as the best local film festival.

Click HERE for the full tally.


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