Oda sa Wala tops 2018 film poll, lead star Marietta Subong named best lead performer

Oda sa Wala, Dwein Baltazar’s mysterious, darkly humorous depiction of a lonely woman living with her catatonic father in a decrepit house that doubles as a morgue, tops the Pinoy Rebyu poll of the best in Philippine cinema in 2018, with 36 poll participants submitting ballots in 14 categories. The film was an entry to QCinema 2018, which was also named Best Film Festival.

Oda sa Wala’s lead actor, Marietta Subong, popularly known as Pokwang, topped the Best Lead Performance category, while Baltazar was named Best Director for her work in the film, as well as in her other 2018 output, Gusto Kita With All My Hypothalamus.

Gusto Kita... also topped the lists in two other categories: Best Ensemble Performance (for Iana Bernardez, Soliman Cruz, Anthony Falcon, Nicco Manalo, and Dylan Ray Talon) and Best Cinematography (for Neil Daza).

Rody Vera’s script for Signal Rock was named Best Screenplay, while Therese Malvar topped Best Supporting Performance for her role as a resentful daughter in Distance.

Ilsa Malsi’s editing of the experimental film Never Tear Us Apart was deemed the best, while the soundtrack for the animated musical Paglisan (music by Teresa Barrozo, lyrics by various artists) topped the Best Music/Soundtrack category.

Victor Tagaro and Toshihiko Uryu’s Yield was named Best Documentary, while Che Espiritu’s Pan de Salawal was named Best Debut Feature.

Christian Candelaria’s Sa Saiyang Isla, about a young boy who wanted to be a mermaid, was voted Best Short Film.

The invited reviewers also voted the ending of Never Not Love You as 2018’s Best Scene.

Click HERE for the FULL TALLY.

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