Ma’ Rosa tops 6th Annual Film Poll, named best in four other categories

Ma’ Rosa, Brillante Mendoza’s gripping drama about an urban poor family embroiled in backroom police extortion as a result of their involvement in small-time drug-dealing, grabbed the top spot in the Best Film category of the 6th Annual Pinoy Rebyu Poll for excellence in Philippine cinema in 2016 as voted by online film reviewers. Ma’ Rosa beat out second placer Pamilya Ordinaryo and third placer Women of the Weeping River.


Jaclyn Jose, who plays the lead role in Ma’ Rosa, was the voters’ top choice for Best Lead Performance, ahead of Paolo Ballesteros in Die Beautiful and Hasmine Killip in Pamilya Ordinaryo.

Christian Bables, in a breakthrough role as the vivacious best friend in Die Beautiful, was the runaway choice for Best Supporting Performance, beating out John Lloyd Cruz in Ang Babaeng Humayo and Mercedes Cabral in Oro.

Ma’ Rosa also topped the categories for directing (Mendoza) and editing (Diego Marx Dobles), as well as Best Scene for the well-lauded final scene where Rosa tearfully eats fishballs while watching a young family close their mobile store.

Best Screenplay was topped by Die Beautiful (Rody Vera) while the cast of Oro leads the Best Ensemble category, beating out the cast of both Hiblang Abo and Purgatoryo.

Tuos was voted best in two categories: Cinematography (Mycko David) and Original Score/Soundtrack (Jema Pamintuan).

Petersen Vargas’ 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten was named Best First Feature, while Babyruth Villarama’s Sunday Beauty Queen was ranked first for Best Documentary.

Mon Garilao’s Fish Out of Water narrowly edged out Ang Maangas, ang Marikit at ang Makata (Ibarra Guballa) for Best Short Film.

In a new category, the revitalized Metro Manila Film Festival was named best film festival of 2016.


In summary, here are the 2016 category topnotchers:

Film: Ma’ Rosa

Lead Performance: Jaclyn Jose, Ma’ Rosa

Supporting Performance: Christian Bables, Die Beautiful

Ensemble Performance: Oro

Director: Brillante Mendoza (Ma’ Rosa)

Documentary: Sunday Beauty Queen

Screenplay: Die Beautiful (Rody Vera)

First Feature: 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten (Petersen Vargas)

Cinematography: Tuos (Mycko David)

Editing: Ma’ Rosa (Diego Marx Dobles)

Score/Soundtrack: Tuos (Jema Pamintuan)

Scene: Rosa eats fishballs (Ma’ Rosa)

Short Film: Fish Out of Water

Film Festival: Metro Manila Film Festival


Click HERE for the FULL TALLY.


For reference, below is the list of winners from 2011 to 2015:


Film: Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay

Lead Performance: Lilia Cuntapay, Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay

Supporting Performance: Geraldine Villamil, Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay

Director: Lav Diaz, Siglo ng Pagluluwal

Documentary: Tundong Magiliw, Jewel Maranan

Screenplay: Niño, Rody Vera

First Feature: Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay

Ensemble: Niño

Cinematography: Busong, Louie Quirino

Short Film: Hindi sa Atin ang Buwan (Jon Lazam)



Film: Kalayaan

Lead Performance: Nora Aunor, Thy Womb

Supporting Performance: Art Acuña, Posas

Director: Adolfo Alix Jr., Kalayaan

Documentary: Give Up Tomorrow, Michael Collins

Screenplay: Colossal, Whammy Alcazaren

First Feature (tie): Colossal (Whammy Alcazaren) and Pascalina (Pam Miras)

Ensemble (tie): Aparisyon and Mater Dolorosa

Cinematography: Kalayaan, Albert Banzon

Score/Soundtrack: Kalayaan, Teresa Barrozo

Scene: Opening mermaid scene in Kalayaan

Short Film: Nang Gabing Maging Sinlaki ng Puso ang Bato ni Darna (Jon Lazam)



Film: On the Job

Lead Performance: Joel Torre, On the Job

Supporting Performance: Dick Israel, Badil

Director: Lav Diaz, Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan

Documentary: The Search for Weng-Weng, Andrew Leavold

Screenplay: Sana Dati, Jerrold Tarog

First Feature: Transit, Hannah Espia

Ensemble: Transit

Cinematography (tie): Boy Golden: Shoot to Kill (Carlo Mendoza), On the Job (Ricardo Buhay III), Puti (Boy Yñiguez)

Score/Soundtrack: How to Disappear Completely, Eyedress

Scene: Jhong Hilario discovers Mercedes Cabral’s secret and becomes violent in Badil

Short Film (tie): Onang (JE Tiglao) and Pantomime for Figures Shrouded by Waves (Jon Lazam)



Film: Dagitab

Lead Performance: Eula Valdez, Dagitab

Supporting Performance: Barbie Forteza, Mariquina

Director: Jun Lana, Barber’s Tales

Documentary: Little Azkals, Babyruth Villarama

Screenplay: Dagitab, Giancarlo Abrahan

First Feature: Dagitab, Giancarlo Abrahan

Cinematography: Dagitab, Rommel Sales

Editing: Barber’s Tales, Lawrence Ang

Score/Soundtrack: Mariquina (Jerrold Tarog [score] and Various Artists [soundtrack])

Scene: Eula Valdez and Martin del Rosario lie on the sand in Dagitab

Short Film: Lisyun Qng Geografia (Petersen Vargas)



Film: Honor Thy Father

Lead Performance: John Lloyd Cruz, Honor Thy Father

Supporting Performance: Tirso Cruz III, Honor Thy Father

Director: Erik Matti, Honor Thy Father

Documentary: My Revolutionary Mother, Jethro Patalinghug

Screenplay: Honor Thy Father (Michiko Yamamoto)

First Feature: Miss Bulalacao (Ara Chawdhury)

Cinematography: Honor Thy Father (Ber Cruz)

Editing: Apocalypse Child (Lawrence Ang)

Score/Soundtrack: Honor Thy Father (Soundtrack: Various Artists, Score: Erwin Romulo)

Scene: Antonio Luna’s assassination (Heneral Luna)

Short Film: Lisyun Qng Geografia (Petersen Vargas)

Movie Theater: Trinoma Cinemas


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