Philippine Cinema 2015: Best Scenes

1 – Luna’s assassination (Heneral Luna) 29 points


2 – Flashback to the past (Heneral Luna) 10 points

Luna flashback

3 – Edgar shaves head in front of daughter (Honor Thy Father) 9 points, 3 votes


4 – Sex scene (Anino sa Likod ng Buwan) 9 points, 2 votes


5 – Michelle’s love scene with the hut (An Kubo sa Kawayanan) 8.5 points


6 – Andy reaches the summit of Mt. Pulag (Above the Clouds) 7 points, 3 votes


7 – Soldiers struggle to get out of the mud/Opening scene (Iisa) 7 points, 2 votes


8 – Edgar robs a bank (Honor Thy Father) 6 points

Honor bank

9 – Rodel scurries like a rat in Linda’s house as he hides from the police (Imbisibol) 5 points


9 – Final patintero match (Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo) 5 points


9 – Fiona fights with Ford (Apocalypse Child) 5 points




MAYK ALEGRE (Cinemaddict)

  1. Nang sampalin at tadyakan ni Anna Luna si Therese Malvar (Hamog)
  2. Nang umalis si Anthony Falcon para sumalok ng tubig at biglang magtalik sina LJ Reyes at Luis Alandy (Anino sa Likod ng Buwan)
  3. Nang murahin ni Cherry Malvar si Therese Malvar hanggang mapaiyak ito (Hamog)
  4. No’ng nagsasalita sa wikang Kapampangan si Francisco Guinto na sinasagot naman sa wikang Tagalog ni Ronwaldo Martin (Ari: My Life with a King)
  5. Eksenang habulan o hinuli na si JM De Guzman sa katapusan ng Imbisibol.

 JAMES ESPINOZA (Film Police Reviews)

  1. Antonio Luna’s murder (Heneral Luna)
  2. Bank robbery (Honor Thy Father)
  3. Final scene (Above the Clouds)
  4. Monologue about Berlin (Kapatiran)
  5. Letter reading (The Comeback)


  1. In Heneral Luna, John Arcilla playing the guitar by his window while basking in the moonlight, alternately cutting to Mon Confiado’s Emilio Aguinaldo visage.
  2. In An Kubo sa Kawayanan, Mercedes Cabral on her bed among the squealing leaves one quiet night.
  3. Opening shot of Iisa: top view of a muddled, rain-soaked land with Jess Mendoza kneeling on the ground.
  4. The cathartic release in Ruru Madrid’s outcry with Pepe Smith on top of the mountain.
  5. “Last Supper” (Hamog)

EMIL HOFILEÑA (Cinemil Writes)

  1. Telegram correspondence between Luna and Mascardo (Heneral Luna)
  2. Attempted bank robbery (Honor Thy Father)
  3. Flashback to Luna’s past (Heneral Luna)

KAYO JOLONGBAYAN (Film Police Reviews)

  1. The sex scene – Anino sa Likod ng Buwan
  2. Heneral Luna’s murder – Heneral Luna
  3. Final patintero fight – Patintero
  4. Andy reached the top of the mountain – Above the Clouds
  5. The whole church sequence – Honor Thy Father


  1. Assassination (Heneral Luna)
  2. The four characters face off at the end of Ang Maangas, ang Marikit, at ang Makata
  3. Ross visits her mother-in-law (Iisa)
  4. Edgar shaves head while talking to daughter (Honor Thy Father)
  5. (tie) Balut-swapping kiss (Pusong Wazak) and blind girl sings French opera (Audio Perpetua)

MACKY MACARAYAN (Death of Traditional Cinema)

  1. Final shot, Dayang Asu
  2. Toto presents his mom with a wig, Toto
  3. Opening scene, Patintero
  4. Surfing montage, Apocalypse child
  5. Final scene, Honor Thy Father

RENELSON MORELOS (Ramblings of a Film Urchin)

  1. The one-take flashback to Antonio Luna’s younger years in Heneral Luna
  2. Antonio Luna’s death scene in Heneral Luna
  3. John Lloyd Cruz shaving his hair in front of his daughter in Honor Thy Father
  4. JM de Guzman hiding like a rat from the chasing police officers in Ces Quesada’s house in Imbisibol
  5. Alessandra de Rossi confessing that she was the one who stole the watch in Bambant


  1. Assassination of Antonio Luna (Spoliarium homage), Heneral Luna

*The rest are in no particular order:
Sex scene with the Kubo, An Kubo sa Kawayanan
“Two Kisses of Eros”, Dahling Nick
Breakdown scene of Alessandra de Rossi when reading son’s letter, Bambanti
Murder scene, Honor Thy Father

MANUEL PANGARUY (Tagailog Special Presents)

  1. Pagsunog ng Philippine flag sa Heneral Luna
  2. Kalbo scene ni John Lloyd Cruz sa Honor Thy Father
  3. Final scene sa Imbisibol kung saan parang daga na hindi makatakas si JM de Guzman
  4. Pisikal na confrontation scene nina Sid Lucero at Annicka Dolonius sa Apocalypse Child
  5. Palitan ng “Hmmm” sa chat sa All You Need is Pag-ibig

NICO QUEJANO (Cinephiles!)

  1. Kidnap Scene – Matangtubig
  2. Montage by the end of the movie – Kid Kulafu
  3. Confrontation Scene – The Love Affair
  4. Car chase scene – Salvage
  5. Piano Scene – Bukod Kang Pinagpala


  1. Jodi & Ian singing “Bilanggo” in the car – All You Need is Pag-ibig
  2. Ransack Scene at House of John Lloyd and Meryl Soriano – Honor Thy Father
  3. Confrontational Scene Between Sid and Anicka Where Sid got swollen eyes from beating – Apocalypse Child
  4. Mercedes Cabral Love Scene With Bamboo House – A Kubo Sa Kawayanan
  5. Death Scene of Heneral Luna

NAZAMEL TABARES (Movies in the Philippines)

  1. Anino Sa Likod ng Buwan (Climax)
  2. Heneral Luna (Long Take, Heneral Luna and his mother)
  3. Bambanti (Alessandra De Rossi scolding Micko Laurente)
  4. Hamog (“Last Supper”)
  5. Dayang Asu (Ricky Davao meets his demise)

JOHN TAWASIL (Present Confusion)

  1. Heneral Luna’s Death/Spoliarium

There are many great moments in Heneral Luna, including a continuous stream of consciousness-like tracking shot, but this one in particular stood out.

  1. Iisa’s Opening Scene

This overhead, figuratively godless god’s-eye view shot of people struggling to survive is perfect, and as some have said, mirrors the last scene of the film.

  1. Tracks in the Snow/Final Sequence – Imbisibol

I’m a fan of this whole sequence. It ties the whole thing together, and I loved the symbolism of the final frame.

  1. JLC in the Middle of COYS supporters – Honor Thy Father

There are a lot of great scenes in Honor thy Father, but this is probably my favourite. It is obvious here that there is more to JLC’s character than is evident at this point in time in the story. He sees through the pretense and the hypocrisy and he doesn’t give two shits about any of it.

  1. Cemetery Scene – Honor Thy Father

EMIL NOR URAO (The Movie Bud)

  1. Entire one-shot scene of Anino sa Likod ng Buwan
  2. Last scene of Bambanti
  3. Orgy scene of Ruined Heart
  4. Patintero matches in Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo
  5. Last scene of Honor Thy Father



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