My Little Bossings

My-Little-Bossings-Poster-375x525Verdict: Do Something Else

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 1.64 (7 ratings)

Genre: Comedy

Director: Marlon Rivera

Writer: Bibeth Orteza

Cast: Vic Sotto, Kris Aquino, Ryzza Mae Dizon, James ‘Bimby’ Aquino-Yap, Aiza Seguerra, Jaclyn Jose

Synopsis: Torky (Vic Sotto) is the bookkeeper for the rich and successful Barbara (Kris Aquino). Barbara’s half-sister Marga (Jaclyn Jose) is setting her up to take the fall for a pyramid scheme, threatening serious harm if she denies the charges. Barbara asks Torky to take care of her son Justin (Bimby Aquino) and keep him safe while she looks for a way to counter her sister. Meanwhile, Torky’s estranged daughter Aiza (Aiza Seguerra) arrives at his home with orphan Ching (Ryzza Mae Dizon) in tow. The four are forced to coexist under one roof, but with Ching and Justin coming from such different worlds, and bad blood still existing between Torky and Aiza, getting along isn’t so easy. (Click the City)

MTRCB rating: G

Running time: 110 mins.



3.0         Mary Grace Calulo (PEP)

“At first glance, My Little Bossings may seem like the usual slapstick comedy fare, but at its core, it’s a family flick that sprinkled with gags and a lot of heart.” (Read full review)

2.5         Nicol Latayan (Tit for Tat)

“The film is actually a feel good one in terms of emphasizing the role of the family and while it did not offer anything new, it was engaging and at times, really funny.” (Read capsule review)

2.0         Joseph Garcia (Business World)

“You may watch this film for two reasons: if you’re a fan of the main actors, because they play themselves so well, and if you’re looking to complete your grocery list and need a hint on what to buy.” (Read full review)

1.0         Philbert Dy (Click the City)

My Little Bossings is an insult. We have plenty of films that are bad, but it is the rare film that seems to show contempt for its audience. This film refuses to try. It doesn’t even attempt to hide the product placement within the context of a plot-driven scene.” (Read full review)

1.0         Zig Marasigan (Rappler)

“It is a train wreck of a film that uses its screen time to steal its audience’s money and peddle its advertisers. The result is the worst kind of show business that’s more preoccupied with product placement than story.” (Read full review)

1.0         Mario Bautista (Showbiz Portal)

“The very thin storyline is stretched to kingdom come with the help of so many blatant and not just casual plugs. Every product from instant noodles to cough medicine to detergent that Vic Sotto is endorsing has a prominent placement in the story. The shamelessness of it all will just make you cringe.” (Read full review)

1.0         CINEMA

“Ang tingin yata ng My Little Bossings sa mga nanonood ay wala silang karapatang mag-isip, kaya rin ganun-ganon na lang kung magsiksik ng advertisements.   Noodlesman, soft drinks sabong panlaba, o fast food chain, basta na lang tatambad sa paningin mo ang produkto, at walang pakundangang ibebenta ito sa manonood.  Ano ba yan!?” (Read full review)


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