lauriana-posterVerdict: Proceed with Caution

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 2.96 (7 ratings)

Genre: Drama

Director: Mel Chionglo

Writer: Ricardo Lee

Cast: Bangs Garcia, Allen Dizon, Adrian Cabido, Angeli Bayani, Victor Basa

Synopsis: Orphan Carding (Adrian Cabido) befriends Army Captain Samuel Corazon (Allen Dizon), who’s stationed in his town to root out the remaining Huk guerrillas. At the dance hall, Corazon woos dancer Lauriana (Bangs Garcia), and they soon move in together. The two become sort of surrogate parents for the orphan Carding, with Corazon teaching him the ways of men. But the soldier has a dark side, and Carding becomes witness to the violence occurring in their home, and a heinous act committed by the soldier on his common-law wife. (Click the City)

MTRCB Rating: R-13

Running Time: 120 mins.



3.75         Irvin Malcolm Contreras (A Girl and a Gun)

“It’s very well-acted and very well-made though ultimately kind of flawed and kind of anti-climactic. There’s a great film somewhere in there and it seems to be headed that way but it dropped the ball in the third act. Overall, still worth a look.” (Read capsule review)

3.5         Skilty Labastilla (Young Critics Circle)

Lauriana works best as an anatomy of abuse, capturing the perfect recipe for  domestic violence to happen: overly jealous macho man and martyr woman who rationalizes the abuse out of fear of and pity for the perpetrator. The unflinching portrayal of brutality is necessary to emphasize its devastating emotional effects on those who suffer and witness it.”

3.5         Mario Bautista (Showbiz Portal)

“This film is not a crowd pleaser as the basic material is very dark, but it’s a very riveting piece of local cinema. ” (Read full review)

3.5         Mari-An Santos (PEP)

“Bangs is a revelation as the title character. She exudes the right amounts of sexiness and innocence, passion and desperation. ” (Read full review)

2.5         CBCP CINEMA

“Napapanahon sana ang mga isyung inungkat sa Lauriana tulad ng epekto ng pagtuturo ng taliwas o paglalantad sa bata sa mga negatibong gawain, ang pag-aabuso ng mga lalake sa asawa o kinakasama, at ang paghihiganti. Kaya lamang, natakpan ang lahat ng ito ng mahahabang eksena nina Samuel at Laurina ng pakikipagtalik at karahasan.” (Read full review)

2.0         Philbert Dy (Click the City)

Lauriana is clever enough in spurts, but it can’t sustain its cleverness. It just goes on for so long without any actually progress in the plot or in the emotions of the character, the film relying of the sheer volume of the performances to catch the attention of the viewer.” (Read full review)

2.0         Nicol Latayan (Tit for Tat)

“What resulted is a combo of messy plotting and a very uneven pacing. It seems to go back and forth into different perspectives without a smooth connection that actually works.” (Read full review)

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