Quick Change

Quick-ChangeVerdict: Essential Viewing

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 4.06 (18 ratings)

Genre: Drama

Writer/Director: Eduardo Roy Jr.

Cast: Mimi Juareza, Jun-Jun Quintana, Miggs Cuaderno, Francine Garcia, Natashia Yumi, Felipe Martinez, Rolando Inocencio, Sashi Giggle

Synopsis: Dorina believes she is a lady incarcerated inside a male body. She’s got herself a flourishing career, albeit in an illegal cosmetic surgery business. She is a mother figure to Hiro, her eight year old nephew. She acts as a devoted wife to Uno. Between her job and her family, Dorina feels that she is one lucky woman. Until Uno falls in love with another transvestite.

MTRCB Rating: R-18

Running Time: 82 mins.



5.0         Ibarra Mateo (GMA News)

“Roy makes the viewers alternately hate and sympathize with the people living in this underground ecosystem through his masterful unfolding of the little stories of each character.” (Read full review)

5.0         Wanggo Gallaga (Juice)

“What makes Quick Change such a powerful and beautiful movie is that it shows us the reality of this world without pulling any punches but not making any grand statements for it or against it.” (Read full review)

4.5         Noli Manaig (Closely Watched Frames)

“By showing us grotesque faces, and necrotic results of cosmetic procedures, and revealing the culprit and active agent as tire black, Roy highlights the warped desperation resorting to a poorman’s science: the makeshift remedies to be aesthetically beautiful.” (Read full review)

4.5         Nick Fortuna (Katipunan)

“From its depressing lows to its most fabulous highs, the film’s colloquial dialogue frees the actors to deliver genuine and sincere performances. The film’s appeal then, ultimately, is its honesty. Quick Change is a story done well—honest, complete and unsettling.” (Read full review)

4.5         Renelson Morelos (Re[e]l Thoughts)

“Without stretching things too much, think of this as if the early works of Pedro Almodovar and John Waters were suddenly socially-conscious. What’s even laudable is that, given the luridness and explicitness of the material, the director is able to present their situation without giving in to pious moralizing and blatant judgment.” (Read full review)

4.5         Irvin Malcolm Contreras (A Girl and a Gun)

“It’s a fascinating, gripping, very well-made film with touches of drama, thriller and even dark humor. Philippine cinema has made a lot of LGBT films and this one manages to find a new, fresh way to tackle the subject. I highly recommend it.” (Read capsule review)

4.0         Rob San Miguel (Brun Magazine)

“Dorina may not necessarily be the poster girl for the LGBT community but director Roy brings justice to Dorina’s humanity by making her a complex individual rather than a prototype.” (Read full review)

4.0         Skilty Labastilla (Young Critics Circle)

“By boldly depicting the underworld hormone injections among Metro Manila transsexuals/transgenders, the movie jabs (pun intended) the industry with a fresh story that is at once alarming and fascinating yet handled with control of the material and respect for its subjects.” (Read full review)

4.0         Ria Limjap (Spot.ph)

“This film is a finely wrought portrait of transgendered beauty queens who will do anything to make themselves ‘more beautiful’.” (Read full review)

4.0         Nicol Latayan (Tit for Tat)

“Dorina is a well written complex character supported with a fearless award worthy performance by Mimi Juarenza. It is safe (no pun intended) to say that it is this year’s ‘little film that could.’” (Read full review)

4.0         Manuel Pangaruy (Tagailog Special Presents)

“Wala (rin) akong issue sa buong pelikula, maganda ang kulay, ‘singkulay ng mga karakter, at wala namang kaso sa script. At some point, natutunugan ko na lang kung saan at kailan liliko at kakambyo at ‘yun siguro ang weakness (kung masasabi mang weakness ito) ng pelikula.” (Read full review)

4.0         Mario Bautista (Showbiz Portal)

“The trannies shown in this film are quite lovable, you’ll laugh and cry with them. They’re all natural performers, particularly Mimi who nails her role as Dorina perfectly.” (Read full review)

4.0         Ihcahieh

“Scraping through the surface, the film strips off your notion of the transsexual, from every shimmering sequin down to each flamboyant feather, to show you that hey, this is the real deal beneath all that glitter. Chances are, you would not be that prepared for what you are bound to see.” (Read full review)

4.0         Geoff Review

“Mimi Juareza was perfect for the lead role. She not only looks like the part, she portrays it expressively as well, in such a way that it’s not hard to empathize with the character even when you already know that she has already been corrupted by her illegal job.” (Read full review)

3.5         Philbert Dy (Click the City)

“The film is devastating in its silences, when it lets a perfectly composed image sum up the feelings of the characters, the poetry of the light more eloquent than words could ever be. The problem is that it isn’t always so silent. The film ends up explaining a bit too much, expounding on the same points over and over.” (Read full review)

3.5         Present Confusion

“The acting is spot on. Mimi Juareza gives a noteworthy performance, giving her character pathos, making us truly feel for the character.” (Read full review)

3.0         Oggs Cruz (Twitch)

Quick Change deflates into something quasi-noir, propelled mostly by Roy’s compelling depictions of the horrors of makeshift cosmetic surgery than by its advocacy or its narrative force. Thankfully, the film is consistently visually fascinating, with Roy and cinematographer Dan Villegas creating morbid and ominous images out of the plain and banal.” (Read full review)

3.0         Eduardo Dayao (Piling Piling Pelikula)

“Aren’t all stories found? Props, then, for stumbling on a genuine, and genuinely deviant, alternative milieu, thickened into a rancid consistency by the sumptuous cinematography.” (Read full review)

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