The Mistress

Verdict: Value for Money

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 3.28 (25 ratings)

Genre: Romance, Drama

Director: Olivia Lamasan

Writer: Vanessa Valdez

Cast: John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Hilda Koronel, Ronaldo Valdez, Anita Linda, Carmi Martin, Tony Mabesa, K Brosas, Gabe Mercado, Minnie Aguilar, Nor Domingo, Clarence Mercado

Synopsis: Architect JD (John Lloyd Cruz) has a chip on his shoulder about his businessman father Rico (Ronaldo Valdez) never really accepting him as his son. Seamstress Sari (Bea Alonzo) struggles to take care of her family. The two meet by chance, and JD aggressively pursues Sari’s affections. Though the two are clearly a good match, there is a problem standing in the way of their bliss: Sari is the mistress of JD’s father. Against his better judgment, JD continues to court Sari even after finding out this difficult fact. He hides his true identity as Rico’s son, and fights to win Sari’s heart. (Click the City)

Running time: 125 mins

MTRCB Rating: R-13



5.0    Phillip Cu-Unjieng (Philippine Star)

“it’s the texture of the screenplay and the sympathetic depth of the characters that make it such an absorbing film.” (Read full review)

4.5     Cinerama Etcetera

“Just because it has a powerhouse cast, the movie did not simply rely on the actors to carry the movie. Rather, it paid attention to details.” (Read full review)

4.5     Starmometer

“Aside from the fact that John Lloyd and Bea have a formidable chemistry, their timing in delivering their lines and expressions as a pair is unmatched.” (Read full review)

4.0     Maridol Rañoa-Bismark (Yahoo Philippines)

“It’s a suspension of disbelief that will amaze even the most rabid mistress hater.” (Read full review)

4.0     Cathy Peña (Make Me Blush)

“Bea Alonzo, still the most gifted actress of her generation, delectably inhabits Sari with a highly nuanced turn. Her instincts are so fine tuned she never misses a step.” (Read full review)

4.0     Bum-Spot

“It’s a movie about real people, real situations and real reactions. Not all of us may be able to relate to the story or the characters, but I’m sure all of us have made mistakes and wrong decisions in the past and that’s where viewers will be able to relate to.” (Read full review)

4.0     Ihcahieh

“This movie is not the best thing since sliced bread, but it is one of the better movies to be churned out by the mainstream this year, and definitely worth your hard-earned peso.” (Read full review)

3.5      Mario Bautista (Showbiz Portal)

“Bea’s portrayal is elegantly understated but she pours everything she’s got into the risky and challenging role that requires much depth of emotion.” (Read full review)

3.5      PEP

“This movie casts a sympathetic look at someone who agrees to be a kept woman in exchange for a huge debt. But far from glorifying the mistress, the film delves into the heartwrenching pain brought about by being caught in this four-sided love affair.” (Read full review)

3.5      CBCP CINEMA

“Sa The Mistress, kampante ang mga tao sa takbo ng kanilang buhay; parang itinutulak lamang sila ng tadhana.” (Read full review)

3.5      Jowana Bueser (The Birth of Damnation)

“It could have been better but the film remains compelling and should enthrall hardcore  fans and the general audience.” (Read full review)

3.5      Mavin Reyes (Media Guru)

“Great chemistry and rich story-telling that would not leave you like you were cheated on the price you pay for the ticket.” (Read full review)

3.0      Philbert Dy (Click the City)

“It’s difficult to buy the whole arc of The Mistress. It just isn’t fleshed out enough, the film presenting premises without elaboration, allowing certain characters to work only within the limits of cliché. But at times, that context doesn’t seem to matter.” (Read full review)

3.0      Oggs Cruz (Twitch)

“Although wrapped with a tad more grit and tragedy, the film still peddles the all too familiar fantasy of love conquers all that audiences are too willing to gobble up mindlessly.” (Read full review)

3.0      Rito Asilo (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

“After the protracted “mood” moments that establish Sari and JD as potential lovebirds, the movie stalls and loses much of its storytelling traction, with trite narrative strands that further weigh it down.” (Read full review)

3.0      Jessica Zafra (Philippine Star)

The Mistress is a movie that promises to get down and dirty, then reveals itself as the standard bearer of virtue.” (Read full review)

3.0      Reel Advice

“While The Mistress mostly succeeds in the acting department, the story itself leaves a bad taste in your mouth.” (Read full review)

3.0      Ivan Thoughts

“Although the film is held together by its own dramatic sophistication mainly because of the cast, the plot suffers because of its predictable familiarity.” (Read full review)

2.5      Skilty Labastilla (Young Critics Circle)

“Another glossy Star Cinema assembly line product that repackages past storylines (shades of A Love Story and Unofficially Yours, to name just two) but is saved by charismatic performances. It’s safe to bet on Bea Alonzo figuring in next year’s movie awards. Her role is more well-rounded than John Lloyd’s: it’s extremely rare for rich guys to stalk and plead to be loved by women who don’t belong to their social class. His character exists only in movies. I also wish mainstream directors learn to value restraint over incessant crying.”

2.5      Ria Limjap (

The Mistress is just another cheesy two hanky drama with a rather nice ending but a truly unfortunate dream wedding sequence.” (Read full review)

2.5      Nicol Latayan (Tit for Tat)

“When The Mistress is good, it’s really good. But when it falters, one can easily notice the weakness in it.  Sadly, the latter trumps the former in this one.” (Read full review)

2.5      Stephanie Mayo (Films and Events Check)

“If done with careful work on editing, intelligent camera shots, rich dialogue, more details, and a better film score, The Mistress could have been a great movie.” (Read full review)

2.5      Mark Angelo Ching  (

“Shoddy production values keep The Mistress from being perfect. See it for the actors.” (Read full review)

2.5      Manuel Pangaruy (Tagailog Special)

“There are supposedly three selling points in the film. First, the mistress as human factor. Second, the John Lloyd – Bea tandem. And third, the Kapamilya Acting 101 as instructed by Olivia M. Lamasan. First point seemed forgotten in the end. Second point worked well as I expected. The third point, occasionally effective but high-pitched all throughout. Still a Star Cinema ending only slightly less irritating than the rest (with emphasis on ‘slightly’).”

1.5       Tito Genova Valiente (Business Mirror)

“This film is not even real. The dialogues are not real. Here, the mistress and the lover and the macho chauvinist-pig f@#k-wit of a boyfriend all engage in dangerously demented cosplay without knowing the consequences of the game.” (Read full review)

2 thoughts on “The Mistress

  1. John Lloyd and Bea are incomparable. There’s something in them that everytime they make movie,there’s this spark that shines on the big screen.
    It was not that excellent but the movie stood itself among local movie mainstream. The ending was great.

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