Pinoy Super Kid

Verdict: Avoid at All Costs

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 1.00 (3 ratings)

Genre: Comedy

Writer/Director: Leonardo Belen

Cast: Buboy Villar, Mark Lapid, Rey PJ Abellana, Jerould Aceron, Amay Bisaya, Princess Armillos, Mon Confiado, Suzette Ranillo, Edwin Reyes, Aila Mendero

Synopsis:  The movie begins with Boy Scout Alex (Buboy Villar) being expelled from school for helping a classmate cheat on a quiz. While the school psychologist investigates his case, Alex discovers an amazing power: he’s able to see future robberies in his dreams. Being the Boy Scout that he is, he sets out to stop a group of three robbers from carrying out their theft. He first goes to the police, but is met with ridicule. With the help of his Uncle Ben (Mark Lapid), Alex tries to stop the robbers on his own. But his efforts are stifled by a corrupt system and an ineffectual police force. (Click the City)



1.0      Philbert Dy (Click the City)

“It is a completely bizarre movie that defies explanation. One is tempted to just tell people that it needs to be seen to be believed.” (Read full review)

1.0      Cathy Peña (Make Me Blush)

“If you want fun in clueless film making, try this one out. Laughing is good for the heart. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!” (Read full review)

1.0      Armando dela Cruz (Film Police)

“A laughable cinematic tripe.” (Read full review)


5 thoughts on “Pinoy Super Kid

    1. Hi Armand,
      Can you explain further in your review why you did not like the film? Unlike your The Healing review, it’s not very clear to the readers why you gave it a low score.

      We’ll include your review once it’s edited.


      1. I practically laughed at the movie once the reel started rolling (more exactly when the characters started speaking the Queen’s English; I thought it was a moronic attempt and just insulted the medium itself).

  1. This movie really really sucks.. they even present the image of scouting terribly wrong..
    This movie really sucks!
    for whom who wrote this.. you sucks you must know 1st what are you trying to do..
    if scout leaders wil watch this movie..they will rate this as a the shittiest movie ever.

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