My Naughty Kid

Verdict: Avoid at All Costs

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 1.00 (2 ratings)

Genre: Comedy

Director: Zech de la Cruz

Cast: Aaron Calvo, Jeffrey Quizon, Joe Lodnadito, Julia Ziegler, Irish Contreras

Synopsis: Timothy de la Hoya (Aaron Clavo) is the naughty son of Angelito (Epi Quizon), a widowed millionaire living in Sabah. Timothy regularly runs away from home, and he returns one day to find that his father has found a new wife. Believing that his father no longer loves him, Timothy runs away from home yet again. Out in the city, he meets Elmer (Joe Lodnadito), a hapless, happy-go-lucky guy. In spite of Timothy’s naughtiness, Elmer shows the kid some kindness and takes him in. They become fast friends, and decide to help each other out.  (Click the City)

Running time: 90 mins.

Trailer: Not available


1.0         Philbert Dy (Click the City)

My Naughty Kid is just awful. Even if you can forgive the movie for its clunky writing and poor production values, it would be difficult to get over the fact that there’s a rape scene in the middle of everything.” (Read full review)

1.0          Cathy Peña (Make Me Blush)

“Not only is it carelessly dubbed in Tagalog (it’s partly spoken in Bahasa, thus needed Tagalog dubbing), but the whole project is an afterthought to a Malaysian holiday, albeit poorly conceptualized – surely, brains were left at a basement while they were filming this cinematic clutter.” (Read full review)

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