Verdict: Proceed with Caution

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 2.50 (3 ratings)

Genre: Drama

Director: Krizzie Syfu

Writers: Krizzie Syfu, Ramon Prieto and Jason Gloria

Cast: Lauren Young, Mark Gil, Angelina Kanapi, Sabrina Man, Miguell Tanfelix, Khen Aldovino

Synopsis: Samantha Benitez (Lauren Young), a college student, goes on a journey to find inner peace in the company of orphaned children, at Bahay Kanlungan. As a young heart encounters different stories of hardships, twelve children teach Sam a great deal about love, courage and family.

Running time: 75 mins.



3.0          Mihk Vergara (Lagarista)

Tahanan is a film that neither rises above standards nor sinks below them.  It sort of just hovers there, where it is servicable.  It’ll get you to watch all the way through to the end, but won’t offer any more after that.” (Read full review)

2.5          Skilty Labastilla (Young Critics Circle Film Desk)

“Story arc reminds me of I-Libings: college girl chooses to volunteer in an institution (here it’s an orphanage) for a school project, while she deals with her own problems. In the end she learns a lot about life and comes out more mature. Charming despite its predictability, although the film gets bogged down by too much (unncessary) drama in the third act. Lauren Young gives a subdued but sympathetic performance. But it’s Sabrina Man and Miguell Tanfelix who shine in their roles as orphans. If Tanfelix plays his cards right, he can be the next Coco Martin.”

2.0           Cathy Peña (Make Me Blush)

“Lauren Young delivers a perfunctory performance from an otherwise mediocre script. She barely buoys a briskly sagging narrative. Fact is, Young is a gifted performer and she never resorts to brimming sentimentality, but there’s so much one can do with a trite script and an even dour characterization.” (Read full review)