Won’t Last a Day Without You

Verdict: Value for Money

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 3.26 (18 ratings)

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Writer/Director: Raz Dela Torre

Cast: Sarah Geronimo, Gerald Anderson, John Lapus, Martin del Rosario, Megan Young, Nina Dolino, Marlann Flores, Cheska Ortega, Young JV, Lui Villaruz, Jommy Teotico, Sam Concepcion and Joey de Leon.

Synopsis: The film’s story revolves around DJ Heidi, who gives love advice to radio listeners. Her advice mostly involves instigation for problematic couples to break up. On the process it somehow developed her into being a man-hater. But when Andrew came into her life, she eventually learned to forgive men and fell in love once again.

Running time: 110 mins.



4.0         Ria Limjap (Spot.ph)

“The movie itself is funny, endearing, and cute.  The director managed to use all the required elements of the Star Cinema Formula for Box Office Success (among others: popular theme song, big stars, and the happy ending with a public declaration of love—can you name more?) and made a perfectly good example of a mainstream romantic comedy without the glaringly bad habits of the genre.” (Read full review)

4.0         Forg Files

“Yes this is a your typical romcom where the leads end up together in the end but at least the journey to the resolution was an enjoyable ride and they actually had dimensions in the story. For one, it touched the complications of relationships, although the approach used was lightweight.” (Read full review)

3.75       Ian Urrutia (Pinoy Cinema Tumblr)

“It’s a charming display of populist fun at its loony best, one that isn’t afraid to lair the inner studio workings of a rom-com thrill while still reaping plenty of good, gracious moments in it.” (Read full review)

3.5          Oggs Cruz (Twitch)

“It is feel-good, fun, funny, and extremely charming, like most of what Star Cinema has been mindlessly producing the past several years. The film is undoubtedly a product of formula, and quite surprisingly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.” (Read full review)

3.5          Philbert Dy (Click the City)

“It is a film that seems willing to acknowledge that relationships can be messy, and that people do get hurt and that it isn’t always easy to forgive. While the bad habits are still there, there is a charming core to the picture that seems truer than many of the things the mainstream has put out there.” (Read full review)

3.5          Abby Mendoza (PEP)

“Raz dela Torre’s film could have oh-so-melodramatically tackled the aforementioned heartbreak crisis… Instead, it does a favour to those who are in the process of healing by taking bitterness as a genuine emotion that only the failure of love can produce, and creating a feel-good, fresh, and hopeful narrative out of it.” (Read full review)

3.5          Nicol Latayan (Back to the Frying Pan)

“All in all, this is a good film. You already know what the ending will be like the moment you entered the cinemas, but it’s the journey on the way to the predicted conclusion that stood out here. Won’t Last a Day Without You is a nice, refreshing film that showed some potentials. If you see people not smiling when they came out of the cinema, then they weren’t able to experience love at one point in their lives.” (Read full review)

3.5          Carl Papa (Whatever, Carl)

“It was charming, uber cheesy, well made and decently acted.  Sarah Geronimo is believable but it was as though she is on the verge of laughing every time.  Gerald Anderson on the other hand gave a decent performance as well.” (Read full review)

3.5          Reel Advice

“Here’s the thing with Won’t Last A Day Without You – it’s not perfect and it’s not that be-all romcom film that changes the game. But what it dares to do differently works well enough to catapult the film into being better than most of the competition.” (Read full review)

3.5          Jowana Bueser (The Birth of Damnation)

“The latest Sarah-Gerald starrer is better than their first though I felt it lost its chance to provide insightful commentaries on the present relationship of radio and Filipino romance.” (Read full review)

3.0         Rolando Tolentino (Pinoy Weekly)

“Nagtatagumpay ang pelikula dahil may inaasahan sa manonood, ang tinatawag na ‘suspension of disbelief’ o ang pagpapaubaya sa operasyon ng pelikula (naratibo, special effects, acting at maging ang mismong panonood) na ito ay ‘tunay’ na realidad.” (Read full review)

3.0         Ihcahieh

“Same old, same old. The formula used is still that one they derived from Korean TV series: boy ignores girl, girl does something (in/directly) that gets her caught up in boy’s drama, boy chases girl.” (Read full review)

2.5         Rito Asilo (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

“Dela Torre tells a fast-paced yarn, flavored by the heady patter of the urban jungle he conjures up onscreen but the energy and excitement he cogently generates dissipate when logic flies out the window. Whatever point his movie is trying to make—about loving and taking second chances—is lost in the general muddle of an exposition that is more baffling than playfully boisterous.” (Read full review)

2.5         Cathy Peña (Make Me Blush)

“There is some fun to be had in Heidee and Andrew’s bickerings. But with a hokey premise, director Raz de la Torre’s narrative hangs like an overbearing shadow.” (Read full review)


3.0         Don Jaucian (Pelikula Tumblr)

“Clumsily edited. Acting’s slightly awkward at times, some jokes are abruptly cut but goddamit it’s so kyeut. Anderson does a better job being a strapping young lad. Geronimo’s good, too! But I feel like this is more Anderson’s movie.”

3.0          Manuel Pangaruy (Taga-ilog Special)

“Satisfying naman ‘yung happy ending n’ya para sa isang rom-com. Ang requirement ko lang eh walang bida na humahabol sa kapartner n’ya sa dulo ‘before it’s too late’. Mahusay si Sarah rito lalo na r’un sa isang eksena (pang-Golden Screen, kumbaga). Promising din ‘yung bago at batang direktor.”

3.0         Nico Quejano (Cinephiles)

“The title and song have nothing to do with the movie. Mas maganda sana kung iba na lang title. Pero i think this is Sarah’s best and Gerald’s best. Nagustuhan ko.”

2.5          Jay-r Trinidad (Cinephiles)

“Mainam sana kung naging pulido pa ang editing ng pelikula. Maganda din ang pambungad na scenes. Bagay kay Sasa ang role. At syempre panalo ang pagiging rocker dad ni Joey De Leon. Kahit na gasgas na ang tema, I still liked the script. Bubblegum pop, yo.”

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