Verdict: Do Something Else

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 1.67 (3 ratings)

Genre: Pink Film, Drama

Writer/Director: Vince Tan

Cast: Toffee Calma, Brad Laurente, James Pinca, Jane Travolta, Jenaira Chu

Synopsis: In order to find inspiration for his new movie, a gay director manipulates the lives of his two houseboys. He invites their loved ones into how home, pushing them into a game of betrayal and infidelity. (From Click the City)






1.5      Philbert Dy (Click the City)

Laro gets off on the right foot with a somewhat intriguing premise, but it doesn’t get to do much with it. It just defaults into a series of disconnected sex scenes tied loosely together with perpetually bare torsos.” (Read full review)

1.5       Cathy Peña (Make Me Blush)

Laro succeeds in the most unusual manner. It is funny when it shouldn’t be, and is even more hilarious in its technical proficiency.” (Read full review)


2.0      Step Up Guy (Cinephiles)

Laro actually has an intriguing premise. Gardener and car driver, both working for flamboyant gay (Toffee Calma), suppress their attraction for each other and make others miserable. In the end, they have one dreary lovemaking scene, but by then the viewer has lost all his/her interest or concern for said characters. Only Calma manages to shine. James Pinca and Brad Laurente struggle with their supposedly emotionally rich roles, but the only richness we get is from their exchanged PREGNANT looks. Pinca (who resembles JC de Vera) is the handsomer of the two and given several acting workshops under, say, Beverly Vergel or Chito Roño, could easily be a star. Laurente is all brawn and is simply a lousy actor. As for the two actresses, I may have to live several lifetimes before they reach the zenith of a Rosanna Roces or an Ana Capri. Still, kudos to Vince Tan for adding to the richness of gay indie cinema.”


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