Verdict: Value for Money

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 3.17 (3 ratings)

Genre: Drama

Writer/Director: Alvin Yapan

Cast: Mercedes Cabral, Kalil Almonte, Robyn John Reyes, Frank Peñones

Synopsis: Gayuma is a magical tale of love going beyond the boundaries of social class, religious and superstitious beliefs, and urban-rural prejudices. A failed exorcism of a talking and dancing statue of a Child Jesus leads a poor sacristan, Delfin, to concoct a love potion to make Carla, a rich girl, fall for him. After Carla drinks the potion and assents to all his advances, Delfin cannot believe his luck until he is no longer certain whether Carla really loves him. He descends into a deep sleep of paranoia, from which no medical science can wake him. Carla goes on a pilgrimage to overturn the enchantment of the love potion. A possessed statue of a Child Jesus stands between the two lovers. (From Warsaw Film Festival catalog)



3.0          Oggs Cruz (Twitch Film)

“However, despite the immense gap between what Yapan wanted to say and his budgetary limitations, the film still manages to communicate the harsh complexities of love and loving within a story that is simple yet brimming with color and flourish.” (Read full review)


4.0          Adrian Mendizabal (Cinephiles)

“Malaking salik nito ang interplay ng local folklore at genre elements ng love story. Mapansin ang functional na paggamit ng mala-cinema verite sa pag-characterize kay Mercedes upang ipakita ang kanyang instability bilang isang babae. :)”

2.5          Lyndon Maburaot (Cinephiles)

“The copy I saw was washed out, all colors almost faded to white, and the camerawork, at least for some portion, was jittery as the dancing Sto Nino. Technical shortcomings aside, Gayuma came to its own during the second half, when it tried to define gayuma and Carla tried to prove to Delfin that it’s not gayuma that brought the gap between them closer together, it’s love. However, I was looking for a proper milieu: did it happen in place immersed in superstition? And what happened to the priest suddenly, abruptly dropped from the narrative when his exorcism failed.”

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