Verdict: Value for Money

Pinoy Rebyu Score: 3.73 (13 ratings)

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Writer/Director: Benito Bautista

Cast: Ronnie Lazaro, Raymond Bagatsing, Edwin Nombre

Synopsis: A guilt-ridden and disheveled taxi driver named LIMUEL ALCANTARA (Ronnie Lazaro) picks up a mild-mannered businessman named EMMANUEL LAZARO (Raymond Bagatsing) as his last passenger for the night.  Limuel’s conspiracy to bring Emmanuel to the hideout of robbery gang leader DIEGO GAWARAN (Edwin Nombre) takes a wrong turn.  Their journey together from Manila to the foothills of Antipolo becomes a tension-filled and claustrophobic experience.  The only way out of this seemingly eternal ride is to face their damnation.



4.5        Manuel Pangaruy (Cinephiles)

“Talky s’ya pero crime/suspense movie rin. Nakuha pa rin n’yang mabuo ang terror na gusto nitong sabihin. Maliban sa visual, inalagaan din ang ibang aspeto kamukha ng tunog at musical score (na ilang distorted na violin piece). Under control ang direktor. Alam n’ya ang ginagawa n’ya at may taste s’ya sa pagkuha kay Coke Bolipata bilang musical scorer.” (Read full review)

4.0        Oggs Cruz (Twitch)

“In the end, Bautista has crafted a firm and suspenseful thriller whose clever twist in the end puts both perspective and pertinence to its constricting but intriguingly exciting process.” (Read full review)

4.0        Philbert Dy (Click the City)

Boundary is a serious pleasure. It is a film that transcends the limits of space and time, turning a taxi into a vast landscape of darkness, and transforming a single night into an endless ordeal of secrets, lies and unbroken tension.” (Read full review)

4.0        Ian Urrutia (Pinoy Cinema)

“This is Benito Bautista’s new film, Boundary, trying to take us to a sauntering ride of mind game and suspense. He invests in our consummation of everyday fears—the paranoia of having to travel in the darkest roads, the quietest of spaces, in the comfort (or discomfort) of someone you believed you trust.” (Read full review)

3.5        Don Jaucian (The Almanac of Fall)

“Bautista plays with our fears, using the everyday dangers of riding a cab, and personal dynamics to wound us with his nihilistic worldview.” (Read full review)

3.5        Carl Papa (Whatever, Carl)

“Technically the movie is top notch.  The sound is great, the editing is tight and the visuals are pretty gritty.  The musical score is love.  This suspense thriller film is gripping and something that I would want to watch again.” (Read full review)

3.0        Nel Costales (Sine Patrol)

“With the robbers onboard, the suspense should have reached fever pitch. But poor dialogue and clunky direction (eg. poorly executed fumbling scene by the robbers) rob the film of much-needed tension. The taxi ride here is a mere kiddie bike ride compared to the suspense-filled van ride in Kinatay.” (Read full review)


4.5        Lyndon Maburaot (Cinephiles)

“A road movie that actually devoted 95 percent of its time inside a taxi. Technially polished, well-directed, long ride but never boring, performances. Raymond Bagatsing stole the show.”

4.0        Fidel Medel (Pixelated Popcorn)

“Great script. Direction can be tighter. Ominous musical score. And once again, Ronnie Lazaro shines.”

4.0        Adrian Mendizabal (Auditoire)

“Admit it, nakakasuya minsan ang mga pa-art-art na shooting churva. But the film is good. :)”

4.0       Epoy Deyto (Kawts Kamote)

“Epek si Raymond Bagatsing, second favorite role (of his) since Serafin Geronimo.”

3.0        Skilty Labastilla (Young Critics Circle)

“Competent debut from director Benito Bautista. It gets a little confusing towards the end but Bautista’s commendable filmmaking sensibility still shines through.”

2.5        Eduardo Dayao (Piling Piling Pelikula)

“Props to Raymond Bagatsing and Ronnie Lazaro for giving this film juice. I suppose the sensory overload is part of the aesthetic design but I felt it was a little too overproduced and overdirected for my taste. The climactic sequence might’ve been tenser and more powerful had it been in one continuous long shot.”

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