2011 Movies (By rating)

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4.90      Tundong Magiliw (5 ratings)

4.70      Siglo ng Pagluluwal (5 ratings)

4.60      Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay (24 ratings)

4.50      Niño (24 ratings)

4.39      Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (28 ratings)

4.38      Senior Year (2011 commercial release) (20 ratings)

4.21      Sa Kanto ng Ulap at Lupa (12 ratings)

4.20      Sakay sa Hangin (5 ratings)

4.03       Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (45 ratings)

4.00       Maskara (9 ratings)

4.00       Lawas Kan Pinabli (5 ratings)

4.00       Pink Halo-Halo (2011 commercial release) (3 ratings)



3.95      Amok (22 ratings)

3.92      Mayohan (2011 commercial release) (6 ratings)

3.90      Busong (15 ratings)

3.89      Amigo (2011 commercial release) (14 ratings)

3.88      Isda (16 ratings)

3.81      Haruo (8 ratings)

3.77      Shake, Rattle and Roll 13: Parola (15 ratings)

3.73      Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington (52 ratings)

3.73      Boundary (13 ratings)

3.67      Mapang-akit (6 ratings)

3.54      Third World Happy (2011 commercial release) (11 ratings)

3.54      San Lazaro (7 ratings)

3.53      Shake, Rattle and Roll 13: Rain Rain Go Away (17 ratings)

3.50      Señorita (5 ratings)

3.50      Presa (2011 commercial release) (4 ratings)

3.50      Pahinga (Breather) (3 ratings)

3.50      X-Deal (3 ratings)

3.40      Thelma (15 ratings)

3.38      Big Boy (13 ratings)

3.38      Teoriya (12 ratings)

3.36      Bahay Bata (18 ratings)

3.34      The Road (19 ratings)

3.30      My Paranormal Romance (10 ratings)

3.29      Rakenrol (28 ratings)

3.26      Won’t Last a Day Without You (18 ratings)

3.25      Anatomiya ng Korupsiyon (12 ratings)

3.25      Elehiya sa Dumalaw mula sa Himagsikan (4 ratings)

3.25      Kapitan Torpe (2 ratings)

3.21      Sigwa (2011 commercial release) (7 ratings)

3.19      Bisperas (21 ratings)

3.17      Gayuma (3 ratings)

3.14      Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me (24 ratings)

3.14      Nono (7 ratings)

3.10      Pintakasi (10 ratings)

3.10      Di Natatapos ang Gabi (2011 commercial release) (5 ratings)

3.08      My Househusband (13 ratings)

3.07      Manila Kingpin: The Untold Story of Asiong Salonga (22 ratings)

3.06      I-Libings (16 ratings)

3.06      Mga Anino sa Tanghaling Tapat (8 ratings)

3.05      Buenas Noches, España (10 ratings)

3.00      Deadline (4 ratings)



2.95      No Other Woman (33 ratings)

2.94      Liberacion (8 ratings)

2.92      Forever and a Day (13 ratings)

2.88      Cartas de la Soledad (4 ratings)

2.88      Kape Barako (4 ratings)

2.86      In the Name of Love (21 ratings)

2.85      Aswang (23 ratings)

2.84      Temptation Island (19 ratings)

2.82      Ka Oryang (14 ratings)

2.80      Sa Ilalim ng Tulay (5 ratings)

2.78      Shake, Rattle, and Roll 13: Tamawo (16 ratings)

2.69      Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (18 ratings)

2.67       Catch Me…I’m in Love (12 ratings)

2.57       My Neighbor’s Wife (15 ratings)

2.50       Bulong (10 ratings)

2.50       Di Ingon Nato (9 ratings)

2.50       Ikaw ang Pag-ibig (8 ratings)

2.43       Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi (14 ratings)

2.38       My Valentine Girls (8 ratings)

2.33       Who’s That Girl? (6 ratings)

2.30       Taksikab (5 ratings)

2.30       The Natural Phenomenon of Madness (5 ratings)

2.28       Segunda Mano (14 ratings)

2.27       Way Back Home (11 ratings)

2.25       Tween Academy: Class of 2012 (8 ratings)

2.25       Anton Tubero (2 ratings)

2.19       Patikul (8 ratings)

2.17       Cuchera (15 ratings)

2.17       Dyagwar (3 ratings)

2.14       Tumbok (7 ratings)

2.09       Praybeyt Benjamin (17 ratings)

2.00       Ang Panday 2 (11 ratings)

2.00       Brod (2 ratings)

2.00       Lamog (2 ratings)



1.75        4some (2 ratings)

1.71        Enteng ng Ina Mo (12 ratings)

1.70        Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak (5 ratings)

1.67        Laro (3 ratings)

1.62        The Adventures of Pureza: Queen of the Riles (8 ratings)

1.60        Local Girls (5 ratings)

1.58        Tum: My Pledge of Love (6 ratings)

1.50        Paglipad ng Anghel (4 ratings)

1.50        Private Nights (2 ratings)



1.17        Huling Halik (3 ratings)

1.00        Tiyo Pablo (2 ratings)

1.00        Sulot (2 ratings)

1.00        Subok (2 ratings)

1.00        Sexventure (2 ratings)

1.00        Seksing Masahista (2 ratings)

1.00        Masikip sa Tatlo (2 ratings)

1.00        Manong Konstru (2 ratings)]

1.00        Mainit (2 ratings)

1.00        Kubli (2 ratings)

1.00        HIV: Si Heidi, si Ivy, at si V (2 ratings)

1.00        Hinala (2 ratings)

1.00        Haliparot (Mana sa Ina) (2 ratings)

1.00        Dulas (2 ratings)

1.00        Bahid (2 ratings)



5.00      Crossfire (Karl Gaspar, Mindanawon)

“But Mardoquio’s art is not didactic; so there is no moralizing as the film unfolds. Viewers can construct their own grasp of meanings through the film’s language which is in itself quite powerful. Mardoquio is served well by his cast and crew in crafting a film that will be regarded as a gem in Mindanawon film industry in the decades to come.” (Read full review)

5.00       Made in the Philippines (Ria Limjap, Spot.ph)

“The message delivers a dose of much needed optimism, honestly hard to find these days. It shows the best side of the Filipino: creative, hard working, resilient, and never lacking in faith.” (Read full review)

2.50      Kumander Kulas (Oggs Cruz, Twitch)

“It seems that Khavn’s goal is to wear his audience off, to make them feel the exhausting repercussions of a hopeless search for a hopeless heart. In that sense, perspective and agenda, he more than succeeds.” (Read full review)

2.00      Ex Press (Nel Costales, Sine Patrol)

Ex Press started slowly but quickened its pace near the end. Leyco was so engrossed with his arty shots that he did not notice his film had long been derailed by this narcissism.” (Read full review)

2.00      Indie Boys (Cathy Peña, Make Me Blush)

“However, wit is an imperative element of satire, something that is a bit wanting in the script. In fact, some situations driving the characters’ motivation wallow in maudlin predictability.” (Read full review)

2.00      Sponsor (Manuel Pangaruy, IndioCine)

“Sa totoo lang, very indie spirit ang pagka-experimental dito. Kung naging mas kontrolado siguro ang pagkakagawa, ibig sabihin, medyo praktisado, baka mas promising. ‘Yun nga lang, mababawasan ng pagka-raw.” (Read full review)

1.50       Hostage Ko Multo (Cathy Peña)

“This cinematic smorgasbord feels like a glorified and expanded TV gag show.” (Read full review)

1.00       Bata Pa Si Rafael (Philbert Dy)

“It is a mind-boggling movie all together, existing in a world where all people talk about is growing pubic hair, getting circumcised, and masturbating.” (Read full review)

1.00       Bikini Boys (Cathy Peña)

“There is no doubt about it, Bikini Boys is made (only) to titillate and display the masculine form.” (Read full review)

1.00       Bingwit (Cathy Peña)

“Director Darry dela Cruz’s production is mostly lazy, not to mention feeble and inept. It tries to make a film with absolutely no resources at all; not by way of finances, artistic merit, imagination and more importantly, ambition.” (Read full review)

1.00       Law Law Gang: Umpisa Pa Lang To (Philbert Dy)

Law Law Gang can’t stand any scrutiny, the film far below the technical and artistic standards of modern filmmaking as a whole. Despite the talent present in the cast, the film is pretty much unwatchable.” (Read full review)

1.00       M2M Eyeball 3: The Movie (Cathy Peña)

“We all know by now it isn’t wise to take Pablo’s films seriously—they’re dull, repetitive, senseless, exploitative and feature mostly unattractive or repulsive-looking actors.” (Read full review)

1.00       Rigodon (Cathy Peña)

“There are several scenes that challenge logic. Editing is almost non-planned. It’s not even a case of miscalculated narrative pieces, but plain poor artistry.” (Read full review)

1.00       Rindido (Cathy Peña)

“The script seems to be a product of an after-thought with nothing much in between lines. Direction is banal and mostly careless as well.” (Read full review)

1.00       Trabajador (Men @ Work) (Cathy Peña)

“Make no mistake, most of the drudging narrative is fabricated to get these men in various states of undress. In fact, there would be half a dozen familiar scenes where any of the characters would arrive home, get inside their bedroom, undress until they’re in their skimpy white bikini briefs, then they caress their chests as their hands gradually slide down their crotches.” (Read full review)

1.00       Untamed Virgins (Cathy Peña)

“In what should be one of the decade’s most inept movies, the production banks on its suggestions of erotica circa 1980’s. But 80’s erotica is usually populated by pretty nubile nymphets who usually bare their boobs in repeated shower scenes. In this film, the closest thing you have of a nymphet is Ramona Revilla who must be pushing 40.” (Read full review)


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